West Industrial Park Greenfield Site
West Industrial Park Durant, Oklahoma

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Property Information

Lot Size:40.00 Acres
Price:Call for Pricing

This 40+ acre site is located in the 'West' Industrial Park. The Durant Industrial Authority is the owner of this site and would be willing to sub-divide this site to meet the requirements of your project. This site is currently virgin agricultural land that is located within the city limits of Durant and Zone I-2 Heavy Industry.

Companies located in Durant, Oklahoma experience a relatively low cost of doing business in comparison to surrounding states. The Durant Industrial Authority has access to a variety of funding tools that may be used to offset the cost of moving your company to Durant.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment


The uniqueness of the site is due to the fact that the northern boundary of the property is created by the Genesee Wyoming Kiamichi Shortline Railroad, which is connected to three Class I Carriers:  Burlington Northern-Santa Fe, Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific.
The southern boundary of the property is created by the five-lane US Highway 70 that was built in 2004 and intersects with the four lane US Hwy 69/75 located 2.3 miles east from the site.


All new water and sewer infrastructure as of the summer of 2004.)

City of Durant 

  1. Water 
    One Million Gallon Water Tower on Site
    The water pressure is 65 PSI at the 1,000,000 gallon water tower.
    Water line size is a 16-inch main.
    Water pump station.
  2. Wastewater 
    Wastewater line size is an 8-inch line.
    Sewer lift station.
  3. Concrete industrial access road adjacent to site (Cardinal Parkway).

Electric Service

Two electric power companies provide the electric service. Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) and Southeastern Electric Cooperative both provide industrial electric service to this site with dual feed and automatic switching capabilities. The customer has the right to negotiate an electric power rate at this site from these two service providers.

     A) Southeastern Electric Cooperative/Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) located in Durant that has a power substation located on this site. This site also has full switching capabilities.

           > Western Farmers Electric Cooperative - Keirsey Electric Substation at 14.4V or 4.9V (on site) 

     B) Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E) is the second industrial power supplier to the proposed site. Oklahoma Gas & Electric has 3-Phase service in the area and will provide industrial service to the proposed site with voltage and capacity to be determined by the customer's electric requirements. The Bodie Electric Power Substation and the Brown Electric Power Substation service this site. This site also has full switching capabilities.

           > Oklahoma Gas & Electric - Bodie Electric Substation at 34.5V

           > Oklahoma Gas & Electric - BrownElectric Power Substation at 34.5V

Natural Gas Service

The Oklahoma Natural Gas Company is the natural gas service provider to this site.

There is a 12 inch natural gas pipeline with 495 PSI connected to a 6" gas line that runs across the northern property boundary and was installed in March 2004.

Environmental Studies

The adjacent 80 acres has had Phase I and Phase II Environmental Studies performed by Terracon Consulting Engineers & Scientists located in Oklahoma City (2003). This property has been zoned I-2 for Heaving Industrial Usage.

Geo-Technical Studies

The adjacent 80 acres has had Subsoil Boring Tests performed by Terracon Consulting Engineers & Scientists located in Oklahoma City (2003).


AT&T is the telecommunications provider and will provide service to all industrial customers in the City of Durant. T1 up to 1.5 mb data or 24 choice channels, T3/DS3 up to 45 mb, roughly the equivalent of 26 T1 circuits. There is a fiber optic line in place that runs on the south side of Highway 70 that can be utilized for commercial services.


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