Discover the difference of an inviting real estate market

Families feel at home in Durant for many reasons, and one of those reasons is an affordable and expanding housing market ready to accommodate a range of desires and budgets. Another Durant difference—support from realtors and lenders who understand that closing on a home means opening the door to a richer and more rewarding family future.

More room in housing budgets: In a market where the median home cost is just 39.8% of the U.S. average, discover more choices within reach. Homebuying budgets stretch further here.   

More variety in home options: Durant is growing, and so is the area real estate market. Discover a range of options to fit any wish list, whether the wish is a modest bungalow or a Tudor-style manse with ultra-modern amenities, a historic neighborhood or a sleek new development. Durant homebuilders are bringing ingenuity and creativity as well as high standards to Durant real estate development at all points of the spectrum. For example, SG Blocks, a national company based in Durant, has launched a new line of highly affordable weather-resistant modular homes, while million-dollar luxury homes are also available, with abundant options between those price points.

Critical support and assistance with lending: Another advantage home buyers discover in Durant is the support of lenders eager to see residents fulfill their dream of home ownership. To make those dreams possible even for lower-income residents, Durant lenders work with REI Oklahoma to provide REI Down Payment Assistance, a gift which does not require repayment and that can be used with many common types of loans, including FHA, VA, Rural Development, Fannie Mae HFA Preferred, and Freddie Mac HFA Advantage.

Built-in amenities no matter where you live: Durant offers an average commute time of only 15.5 minutes, high-performing schools at every grade with excellent higher education right here, plus a walkable, high-quality community recognized as one of the healthiest in the state.

Discover the difference of a home and a life that make the American dream yours in Durant.


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